Bonny Breads is a small bread operation out of Beverly, Ma. run by baker/owner Stephanie. That’s me!

I never imagined becoming as excited about bread as I’ve become over the past few years—it happened completely by accident.

It all started with a retail position at A & J King Artisan Bakers, a job that I meant only to fill a small gap in employment after I returned home from traveling. However, the close-knit environment at the bakery, both in terms of the cubic inches of a crunched space and the tight friendships, was extremely winsome, and I stayed on there until I was offered a bread production position nearly a year later. I accepted so enthusiastically, not because I realized I was meant to be a baker or because I thought I would find it fulfilling. I actually didn’t know those things to be the case yet. I just wanted to wander further into the warmth emanating from that place’s core, which seemed to manifest by magic in the form of a nourishing staple food that could sustain the body. Simply stated, I was entranced.

I haven’t stopped being entranced by the processes of bread-making as it’s intricacies have been further enlightened to me over time. And the craft holds still more mystery for me—more to experiment with, more of myself to pour into it, and more mystical as well as tangible warmth to be had. And now I want to offer this to my community!

I offer breads made with fresh flour predominately from a Massachusetts farm and mill, Four Star Farms! I also incorporate flours from Maine Grains out of Skowhegan, Maine.

With only three ingredients--flour, water, and salt--each bread is slow-fermented with wild yeast. This fermentation allows for the gluten to begin to break down, giving your gut a head start, and also allows for deep, rich flavor to develop!

My hope is that my breads could fit into your daily lives easily, and potentially add to them. Please give me your feedback!